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STRONG was co-developed by the newcomer community and several experts in the fields of education and mental health, with specific expertise in school mental health, adversity and trauma, refugee mental health, and resilience. The corresponding author for STRONG is Dr. Sharon Hoover,


Funding support and content guidance for the development of STRONG was provided by School Mental Health Ontario, a provincial implementation support team designed to help Ontario school boards promote student mental health and well-being.














Corresponding Author-Sharon A. Hoover, PhD

Jeff Bostic, MD, EdD

Shawn Orenstein, MPH

Natasha Robinson-Link, MA


Development Team:

Colleen Cicchetti, PhD.

Claire Coyne, PhD

Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, PhD

Mina Fazel, DM, MRCPsych

Andréanne Fleck-Salto, BSW, RSW

Rebecca Ford-Paz, PhD

Lisa Jaycox, PhD

Audra Langley, PhD

Patricia Marra-Stapleton, MSc, CPsych

Maureen Mackay, MSW, RSW

Tali Raviv, PhD

Claudio Rivera, PhD

Kathy Short, PhD, CPsych​

Hadia Zarzour, MA

“Collaboration is key to the successful implementation of mental health and addiction strategies for school boards across the province of Ontario. We are grateful for all of the partners who have come together to support the implementation of the feasibility pilot for STRONG. The work is complex, multi-layered and at times messy. When we have many sets of eyes on the work we have a better chance of getting it right.” - 

Co-ordinator of Student Well-Being

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