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Dr. Claire Crooks and her team at the Centre for School Mental Health at Western University continuously engage in the evaluation and research of STRONG focusing on feasibility, implementation, and student impact. See below for peer-reviewed research studies of STRONG


Students who participated in STRONG experienced increased confidence and sense of belonging.  Students also demonstrated significant improvement in resiliency and coping skills.

“The coping skills are what will stay with you forever. Whenever you are in a stressful situation, you will always remember what to do, and what advice they gave you on how to handle situations, look at it from a different point of view, and how to make yourself stronger.”  - Student

STRONG clinicians discuss its impact:


What were the biggest

successes of STRONG?

How do you think STRONG impacted students who participated?

What would you say to a school or clinician who is considering implementing STRONG?

“The benefits included a greater understanding of the culture, plight, and norms of the group of girls we had participating in the group. I was incredibly humbled by their experiences and the attitudes they have regarding these. While the group built upon their resiliency, I learned that they are and have been resilient throughout their pre-migration, migration, and post. I was also moved by the strength of the family relationships and their reliance on faith/beliefs to guide them through challenging times.”

- Secondary clinician

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“TCDSB is thrilled to have partnered with the STRONG team in the development and pilot of such an innovative school counselling model. STRONG responds to a crucial need in supporting student newcomer mental health, and will help ensure a good start for newcomer students in Ontario.”

- Mental Health Leader

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